How To Confirm The Early Signs Of Pregnancy

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Very many people fail to recognize the early signs of pregnancy even if they’re eagerly awaiting confirmation of it. Learning to recognize the early symptoms of pregnancy can help you if you’re trying to conceive, not to mention if you’re not. A pregnancy test taken at home can give you the extra surety if you’re still in doubt as to your condition. You could even go to the doctor and find out if you’re pregnant. But before all that, there are a few symptoms that signal quite clearly that you’re pregnant.

Some instructions for you

  • If you have been expecting your period and it is late by a few days, then you can expect to be pregnant. Calculate the exact date when you should have gotten the period had you been menstruating with a 28 day cycle. If the period date is late by more than three days, then you can expect pregnancy.
  • Keep a watch on your bodily conditions, like how tired you are, whether you have dizziness or headache, or if you have any back ache, or cramps or aches in any part of the body. These symptoms may be evident and you may have failed to notice them.
  • Count the number of times you make visits to the bathroom. Frequent urination is often symptomatic of the early signs of pregnancy.
  • Morning sickness, or nausea, as it is otherwise called, appears in women who are pregnant. It can persist through the whole day.
  • Another easily noticeable area of change in your body is in your breasts. It changes to swollen and tender, which is a sure sign that you are pregnant.
  • Your food habits are sure to show some changes.
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    You may develop a craving for some food, which may not have been your favorite previously, and develop aversions to some that were.

  • Take a home pregnancy test; this can surely confirm the pregnancy in the two to three days after you have a missed period.
  • Spotting is another sign that turns up, and is often confused with a regular period, and ignored. This bleeding is due to implantation, and is often lighter and shorter in duration.
  • Psychological changes like mood swings, weeping mania, and emotional sensitivity are all seen to be on the rise during a pregnancy.

These are enough signals to tell you that you are pregnant. Some women know they have become pregnant even with the fewest of signs.