Initial Symptoms Of Pregnancy That Can Be Easily Identified

About Pregnancy Symptoms

About Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy is one of the special stages in a woman’s life that definitely need to be identified. It is better to enjoy those precious moments right from the start. A better idea of the early pregnancy symptoms can definitely help you to identify it. However, the symptoms of pregnancy keep varying from one person to another. Let us look at the different pregnancy symptoms.

Our body is designed in such a way that it will display certain indications, which can be observed or felt. If you are expecting to become pregnant, identifying them can be easier for you. Some women may have these symptoms during the initial weeks of pregnancy whereas some others may undergo them during a later period.

The different symptoms include implantation bleeding, increased frequency of urination, breast tenderness, missed period, nausea and vomiting. Implantation bleeding can be considered as one of the initial signs of pregnancy. This occurs when the embryo attaches to the uterine wall and you would find mild spotting. This can be considered as an initial sign of pregnancy. Observing your body changes can definitely help you to identify implantation bleeding which will occur one week after conception.

Initial Sign Of Pregnancy

Obvious Pregnancy Symptoms

Another major symptom is increased frequency of urination. This also occurs during the initial period of pregnancy. It is seen commonly after one week of getting pregnant. In addition to this symptom, you will feel extremely tired. Breast enlargement and breast tenderness also is a part of pregnancy and these are due to the hormonal changes taking place in the body. Other than these, some may have a missed period and this can be taken as a primary symptom. You may have painful tightening of your stomach muscles and you might even feel that you will have a period. However, this can be considered as a sign of pregnancy.

Last but not the least, women mainly identify pregnancy when they suffer nausea or vomiting. This is one of the major symptoms that are seen in majority of women. The olfactory nerves turn sensitive during this period and pregnant women would suffer nausea all the time. There are quite a few unlucky ones who suffer vomiting from the start to end period of their pregnancy. However, a majority suffer this condition only during the first trimester.

The above mentioned symptoms occur only during the initial weeks and months of pregnancy, which can be identified quite easily.

Know More On The Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy Symptoms

    Early Pregnancy Symptoms

There are many symptoms that can help you find out if you are pregnant or not. These are commonly referred to as early pregnancy symptoms. Some of these symptoms are explained below in this article. You may read ahead to know more on these primary symptoms of pregnancy.

Morning Sickness

This symptom is very common in the first trimester of pregnancy and this symptom got its name from the fact that most pregnant women have nauseous feelings in the morning. Nausea and queasiness can occur at any time of the day or night though. You may also develop an aversion to food items that you once loved to eat. This can also happen to the smell of some food items being cooked. These aversions and nausea are not harmful and are a normal part of carrying. The sick feeling will abate at about 13th or 14th week, even though some women continue to feel sick all through the pregnancy periods.

Some tips to get rid of morning sickness include having dry crackers ready to settle your stomach and having small meals more often.


This is yet another pregnancy symptom, which affects a large proportion of the pregnant women. This is caused due to an increase in the production of progesterone hormone that decreases the colon ability to absorb water from the food that you eat. Drinking more milk than the usual quantity can also cause bouts of constipation. This problem worsens just after the first trimester. You can ease the problem by ensuring that you drink lot of water, getting more exercise and including foods in your diet that are rich in fiber and roughage.



     Pregnancy Symptoms In Women

Feeling of tiredness is a very common early sign of pregnancy. The blood of the mother will be carrying more oxygen to the fetus in the womb. This can make your heart to beat faster and in turn makes you feel fatigued. To get rid of this, you can take naps during daytime and if it is not possible, you can go to bed early at night. Consuming food items that are rich in protein and iron can also help to get rid of the feelings of fatigue.


Many of the pregnant women find out that they are pregnant after they faint. This situation is more noticeable in the second trimester. During pregnancy, the blood vessels expand and the amount of blood can be too much for the vessels. This can lead to dizzy or fainting spells.

These are some of the most common pregnancy symptoms. If you wish to know more on the pregnancy symptoms, you can contact your local physician.

Benefits Of Enrolling Children In An International Pre-school


International Preschool For Toddlers

It is always an excitement when it comes to the little one growing up every day. It is all the more exciting when it is time to sending him to school. To begin the academic career of the toddler, admission to an international preschool is very important.

It is the sole responsibility of the parents to see that their kid learns in an institution, which can stimulate the learning curiosities of the kid in every way. Kids of the age group 2 and 3 are very curious and hence they keep questioning about things happening around them. Considering all the factors stated above, here are some of the benefits of sending your toddler to international pre-schools.

The kid becomes very active. When kids are at home and especially when it is single child, there would be a limitation to the activities that he can involve himself in, but when the kid goes to preschool, he would have so many things to do. This keeps the usually crying tot, engaged in different activities. Apart from all these, there are different facilities available required for the toddler.

A preschool helps develop a kid into an independent individual eventually. It is important to inculcate the sense of independence in the toddle right from the beginning. This would be a boon to the kid when he grows up, which would carry forward to the years to come.

When the child grows up to be an independent individual, parents can work in peace. Pre-schools take good care of these children that the parents can finish their work and get back while the toddler plays and have fun. Pre-schools help in dealing with their bathroom issues. Most of the kids do not feel comfortable when it is someone else other than the mother changing nappies and clothes.


      Preschool To Help Tots

It provides them with a better atmosphere with kids of the same age group around to play with your kid. As it is a human nature to be with people of the same taste or age, these toddlers also love to be with kids of the same age group.

They get to do many activities and experience better facilities in a preschool. International pre-schools have drafted such a curriculum that it keeps the toddle involved in different activities like painting, identifying different objects and many more. All these would in the end shape up a great future for the kid along with some good habits and qualities.

Watch Pregnancy Week By Week

Pregnancy Week By Week

        Pregnancy Signs

A pregnant woman is sure to have symptoms of the pregnancy including the more obvious bodily changes. Watching a pregnancy week by week can be exciting to a mother. It helps to understand how the baby and your body develop in unison.

A pregnancy is divided into trimesters. These are roughly divided into the 40 weeks of pregnancy. In addition, your pregnancy changes by the week. Getting to know your body during this period helps you to understand what’s happening with the baby’s development, and yours.

When you divide a pregnancy trimester according to weeks, the first trimester will be 13 weeks and so will the second trimester, while you’ll have 14 weeks for the third trimester.

A normal term pregnancy is 280 days long on an average. That is a 40-week period. The number of days for a pregnancy trimester is calculated starting from the first day of your menstrual period. The reason for calculating like this is that it is difficult to find the exact date of conception, and it’s generally assumed to take place two weeks after the LMP for a woman who has the regular four cycle’s week of menstruation.

Pregnancy Trimester

       Pregnancy Term

The completed weeks of pregnancy calculated by health care professionals, have the first day as the same of the last menstrual period. Pregnancy symptoms and the growth of the womb do not conform to a definite pattern, for each case to be universally applicable. These vary for each woman and that has to be kept in mind; although some of the fallacies of pregnancy can be applicable universally. Every pregnancy is different, and the growth of your baby and the pace of this, will be different from that for another woman and her child.

It is always better to consult a doctor as soon as you find out that you have conceived, because this helps you and your baby to get the care needed. Making regular prenatal visits to the doctor is necessary, and also watch the pregnancy week by week. If oddities appear, never make the mistake of not going to a specialist. If you go you will get the timely and needed care, and further that your baby will be adequately cared for. Make sure to take only the best advice, and not from too many sources, so you’re not stressed out trying to do everything others tell you to.

The Five Different Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Early Signs Of Pregnancy

        Pregnancy Test Kits

There are many early signs of pregnancy that can make it certain that you are pregnant. In few women, all the signs might appear making it evident that the person is pregnant, while in few women one or two signs might appear making it doubtful if she is pregnant. It hardly takes seven to ten days to start ovulating upon conception. During this period, there are at least five signs that can prove that a woman is pregnant or not.

Here are some of the early signs of pregnancy that are useful to pregnant woman.

Frequent And Intense Urge To Urinate

While there might be other reasons that lead to this sensation of urinating very often, it is considered as one of the signs of pregnancy that can prove positive for a woman to be pregnant. During pregnancy, it is natural for the uterus to grow, as and how the kid inside it grows. This would have an effect on the urinary bladder by putting in pressure, making her feel like urinating very often.

A Missed Menstrual Period

A missed menstrual period can be one of the signs that can indicate pregnancy in the early stages. It is the most clear and familiar reason that confirms the pregnancy of a woman. The next time you miss a period, stay calm because pregnancy is not the only reason that causes missing of a period. Various other factors might lead to such problems like stress and certain medications.


It is common to experience spotting at the very beginning stages of pregnancy, so you need not worry about it if all other early signs of pregnancy are positive.

Intense Nausea or Cramping

Nausea and cramping are two of the oblivious signs of pregnancy that are very often confusing and misunderstood. Even if it is considered as a sign of pregnancy, there are other reasons that can be associated for a person to feel nauseous. Morning sickness is the other name for nausea, since the person carrying would wake up in the morning with an urge to nauseate.

Pregnant Woman

   Missed Period Is An Early Sign

Energy Deprivation

The body functions in a way by giving prime importance to feeding the baby. In due course, the mother would feel tired and energy deprived, hence it is important to see that a pregnant woman never stays hungry.

Even though these signs show that you are pregnant, it is imperative to bring home a pregnancy test kit and check if it is positive. If any of these early signs of pregnancy does not convince you, look for an appointment with the doctor.

Best Tips To Potty Train Your Baby Girl

Potty Training

         Importance Of Potty Training

Many parents out there know the hardships of giving potty training to their babies. It is indeed one of the most important phases in the life of the baby. The little ones begin to discover their restroom habits, and that too at a very young stage. Do you think that your baby girl is ready to get started with her potty training? Then you may continue reading ahead.

Best way to get started

One of the best ways to get started is to follow a fixed timing. Say for instance that you can encourage her to use the potty after she wakes up in the morning. Take her daily along with you and this will automatically make her understand that using potty is an important daily routine. Make sure that you are there with her the whole time and show her what should be done. Regular practice will make things much easier for both of you.

Motivate her to get potty trained

This is indeed a great idea to make your child develop the habit of using the restroom. Put the potty inside the restroom and make her go inside the restroom. This will be certainly useful while the child grows up. There will be no need to start a second training for going to the restroom separately. You can talk to her about the importance of potty training. Tell her that good babies go to the rest room after they wake up in the morning. You can also give her a small toy or a candy every time she tells you that she wants go to the restroom.

Decorating the restroom

Restroom Habits

         Motivate Her For Potty Training

You can decorate the restroom with attractive and colorful themes for baby girls. This will make their toilet visits more pleasant and they will happily come along with you when you call them.

Give them dolls to play with

Keep a separate cute looking doll inside the restroom. Tell her that it is her new friend and give it a name so that she talks with it while being inside the restroom. This will make her potty sessions more interesting. Another best thing is that you do not have to force your baby to use the potty since she will be gladly doing it on her own.

Are you planning for some restroom training for your little angel? Then the tips mentioned here would be helpful for you!

Early Pregnancy Signs That Can Be Identified

Signs Of Pregnancy

Initial Signs Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important and special stages in a woman’s life. In no such stage in her life does a woman undergo such tremendous changes. The body is preparing itself to create an ideal atmosphere for the fetus to grow. So it is quite natural to expect the body to undergo necessary changes. Apparently, other than physical changes, hormonal changes also occur in the body during pregnancy. These hormonal changes makes one realize that the body is getting ready to allow the baby to grow.

Even though women are the gifted gender to enjoy this special stage of life, a majority of women fail to identify the early signs of pregnancy. It is because a majority of them do not observe the changes happening to their body. If you are careful enough to identify the hormonal changes occurring in your body, you can definitely identify pregnancy at a very early stage.

One of the major pregnancy signs is the implantation bleeding. This symptom occurs when the fertilized egg implants on the uterine walls after 7 days of conception. This is one of the initial signs of pregnancy and this is the stage when the hormones in the body start to act. This occurs quite early and hence a majority of pregnant women fail to identify the same.

Tremendous Changes

Detectable Pregnancy Signs

Another major symptom of pregnancy is morning sickness. There are lots of women who start experiencing this stage even before realizing the fact that they are pregnant. This is an unpleasant stage during pregnancy, as the pregnant women would suffer severe vomiting, nausea and tiredness. There are lots of women who consider morning sickness to be among the early signs of pregnancy. Women would have a mixed feeling during this period as they would be happy and equally tensed about the new stage in life.

Contrary to what the name suggests, morning sickness is not confined to the initial morning hours. You could suffer morning sickness during any time of the day. You could suffer nausea, dizziness and other tiredness during this period. You need not suffer morning sickness throughout your pregnancy period. You will undergo this change only during the initial trimester.

You will have craving towards certain food items and this is due to the hormonal changes taking place in your body. Mood swings and anxiety is also part of the initial pregnancy signs.

Procedure To Detect Pregnancy Soon After Conception

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

       Early Pregnancy Symptoms Information

No two women are alike. This is also true for the experiences of pregnancy. It is highly unlikely for every woman to experience the same symptoms or even the same symptoms from one pregnancy to the other. Early pregnancy symptoms tend to differ from woman to woman and even pregnancy to pregnancy. But, one of the most common pregnancy symptoms seen in majority of women is a delayed or missed period.

Knowing and understanding the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy is absolutely important. This is because you may experience symptoms of pregnancy within a week of conception. But, it is also possible that you may not experience any signs or symptoms during the initial weeks. This makes things quite tricky and confusing.

One fine day, when you get up in the morning, you feel different, weird. Could it be that you are pregnant? This is a nagging feeling you may have. You may begin to think and even jump to that conclusion. Some show symptoms like missing a monthly period and others begin showing signs even earlier. This article will be able to help you detect if you are pregnant soon after conception. Again, as mentioned earlier, not every woman experience similar set of symptoms. So you can decide for yourself, after reading the below-mentioned instructions:


  • You should note when you are tired even though you have no reason for this, since you have not strained yourself anyway or have had difficulty sleeping. This, coupled with dizziness, could very well be the direct result of a hormone rush, as your body is getting ready to feed and care for another being growing inside you.
  • You experience nausea, though you have hardly eaten anything and are not suffering from any disease. Morning sickness is something, which often happens during the first trimester of pregnancy and quite frequently within the first couple of weeks after conception.
  • Heartburn is another condition that may occur to you. During the beginning stages of your pregnancy, such heartburn can be controlled using Tums or Rolaids.
  • You may experience the constant need to urinate frequently. The pressure exerted on your bladder by your growing uterus causes this.

    First Trimester

          Early Pregnancy Symptoms Signs

  • Another thing you notice is the changes happening in your breasts. You will observe this within two weeks of conception. Breasts become tender to the touch and they say they even experience a tingling feeling. But, there are some who experience no changes at all.
  • But, if you are experiencing these conditions, and yet come to know later on that you are not pregnant then you should see your doctor immediately.

So, this way you can detect some of the early pregnancy symptoms. Pregnant or not pregnant, if you experience the above conditions, it is best that you see a doctor.

Common Signs And Symptoms of Pregnancy

Signs Of Pregnancy

        What Are The Early Pregnancy Symptoms

It is a known fact that for some women, the pregnancy symptoms may be obvious, while for some others, they may go unnoticed. Moreover, the extent and frequency of signs of pregnancy also vary with each woman. Some may endure it until the entire pregnancy while for some others, the symptoms may subside after the first trimester.

Common pregnancy symptoms

  • Missed period is one of the obvious early symptoms of pregnancy. Pregnant women may also experience soreness and discomfort with backaches and tenderness.
  • Expecting mothers experience changes in food habits like cravings or dislike for foods. Similarly, they will be sensitive to certain fragrances as well. They may feel increased appetite. Certain women face weight gain during pregnancy.
  • Morning sickness characterized by nausea and vomiting may occur during the initial trimesters. The symptom may subside when the pregnancy progresses to the last trimester. Even though it is said to be more frequent during the morning, the symptoms may exhibit themselves during any time.
  • Mood swings and fatigue are common during pregnancy. If you feel like you are tired than normal, it is likely that you are pregnant. However, these symptoms usually go unnoticed, as it is similar to the symptoms of menstrual cycle, flu and so on.
  • Check the change in the bathroom habits. If you make frequent trips to bathroom, the chances of you being pregnant are high.
  • Verify the basal body temperature. During pregnancy, the body temperature rises due to the action of the pregnancy hormone like progesterone. Check the body temperature for a fortnight period, and see if it escalates, to verify if you are pregnant or not.
  • Pregnant women may suffer from cramps. However, take care to seek immediate medical help if you incur an abdominal cramp. Abdominal cramps can really prove fatal, with the risks of miscarriage.
Nausea And Vomiting

  Common Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Most of the signs of pregnancy start from the changes in the hormonal balance. During pregnancy, the production of hormones like progesterone and estrogen increases and makes changes within the body. In fact, the action of the pregnancy hormones leads to early pregnancy symptoms.

As said earlier, some of the pregnancy symptoms resonate with the symptoms of severe medical conditions. Hence, it is advised to conduct a blood test before you confirm pregnancy with the symptoms. You need to follow your obstetrician’s or midwife’s advice during pregnancy to avoid emergency situations.

Effective Potty Training Tips To Train Juniors

Potty Training

Best Potty Training Tips

We know that potty training is an important but difficult task while bringing up babies. The initial days can literally drive you crazy. Your junior’s tantrums can be unbearable at most of the times. However, there is an ideal way to overcome all the problems. You can use a potty scotty to train your baby boy with his first lessons in toilet training. Read ahead to know what should be done and how it should be done.

Best potty training tips

It is amazing to know that your baby will excel in his restroom lessons and that too in just a week’s time. This is possible by incorporating a proven formula along with cute toys. Babies will find their potty sessions much more fun. The best part is that you do not have to apply pressure or force them to go to restrooms. They will willingly do it on their own. All you need is to have the patience and be with them all the time.

Make sure that you are getting a beautiful and attractive potty scotty along with other cute toys. This will be very much appealing to the child and he can have lots of fun. You can also check out various websites that have effective potty training techniques. The systematic instructions will make things simple for you. Certain instructions come with attractive diagrams. This will help the child to get a better understanding of the things to be done while he is in the toilet.

Child Psychologists

Effective Potty Training Techniques

One of the best ways is to jot down important points on a piece of paper. This will make it easy for you to remember all the steps and you can train your boy in a fast and easy manner. Apart from searching on the internet, you can look for instructional videos. You can use these tutorials to train your kid.  You can also check with your friends and relatives. They will be able to tell you what all methods they have tried while training their kids. You can also buy books written by eminent child psychologists. This way, you will get a lot of effective information regarding toilet training.

Make sure that you always encourage your child to use his potty toy. This can be done by giving him sweets or toys, and he will happy to use the restroom. You would not have to worry much and instead would be happy to see him learn fast!